International House 1933

Tommy Nash, in love with Carol Fortescue, always gets some disease - chickenpox, mumps or measles - just as he is about to marry her. Flying from Shanghai to WuHu, in China, Tommy meets Carol and breaks out in a rash. International House, the hotel where they are staying, is quarantined. Then Professor Quail, in his flying machine, mistakenly lands on the hotel's roof garden. 'Where am I?' he asks. 'WuHu,' is the reply. 'WuHu to you,' says the professor.

Books with substantial mentioning of International House
Richard Bojarski
The Films of Bela Lugosi
Secaucus, NJ, 1980

International House
United States 1933

Directed by

Peggy Hopkins Joyce
Cab Calloway
Rose Marie
Lumsden Hare
Harrison Greene
Cyril Ring
Frank O'Connor
Edwin Stanley


Running time:68 minutes
Country:United States

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