The Court Jester 1955

A tyrant rules England in the twelfth century. He thinks he has killed the infant heir to the throne, who in reality is in the care of a band of rebels lead by "The Black Fox". The child is easily distinguished by a posterior birthmark, the Purple Pimpernel. fter a long series of intrigues and jests, many unwittingly carried out by the court jester, the rightful heir is restored to the throne. 1

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Articles on The Court Jester
Angie Errigo, The Court Jester, in: Empire, nr. 257 (November), 2010 pp. 160-161
Author:Angie Errigo
Title:The Court Jester
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: The Court Jester (1955)

The Court Jester
United States 1955

Directed by
Melvin Frank
Norman Panama

Robert Middleton
Herbert Rudley
Edward Ashley
Patrick Aherne
Richard Gilden
Paul Newlan
Franklyn Farnum
Harry Guardino
Tudor Owen


Running time:101 minutes
Country:United States

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