The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

After England's Richard I is taken prisoner and held for ransom in Austria, his brother Prince John usurps the throne and plots with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisbourne to tax the people for the ransom, which they plan to keep for themselves. Opposing Prince John, Sir Guy and their soldiers is Robin of Locksley, leader of a band of forest outlaws. 2

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John Caps, Soundtracks 101, Essential movie music: a listener's guide, in: Filmcomment, nr. 6 (Nov/Dec), 2003 pp. 31-49
Author:John Caps
Title:Soundtracks 101, Essential movie music: a listener's guide
Illustrations:  yes

The Adventures of Robin Hood
United States 1938

Directed by
William Keighley

Ian Hunter
Lester Matthews
Harry Cording
Ivan F. Simpson
John Sutton
Reginald Sheffield
Eddie Dew
Michael Hordern
Leyland Hodgson
Leonard Mudie
Herbert Evans
Robert St. Angelo


Running time:105 minutes 1
Country:United States

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