The Crusades 1935

Rather than marry the sister of Philip of France, England's Richard I goes on crusade to rescue the Holy Lands from the Saracens. To obtain food and supplies, Richard is forced to marry Berengaria of Navarre, who accompanies him to Palestine. In revenge, Philip plots with Prince John to overthrow Richard. Berengaria, fearing she is the cause of dissension among the ranks of the Christians, allows herself to be wounded by the Saracens. Saladin rescues and nurses her back to health, only to fall in love with his captive. Richard and Saladin negotiate a truce, and Saladin reluctantly returns Berengaria to Richard, who in turn thwarts Prince John's plot against him. 1

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The Crusades
United States 1935

Directed by

Lumsden Hare
Maurice Murphy
Pedro de Cordoba
Sven Hugo Borg
Fred Malatesta
Addison Richards
Emma Dunn
William B. Davidson
Robert Adair
Franklyn Farnum
Harry Cording
Edgar Dearing
Ian Hunter
Maurice Black
Gordon Griffith
Georgia Caine
Edwin Maxwell
Harold Goodwin
Sam Flint


Running time:125 minutes
Country:United States

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