The List of Adrian Messenger 1963

Cast and credits
Directed by John Huston
Screenplay by Anthony Veiller
CameoTony Curtis
George Brougham/Vicar Atlee/Mr. Pythian/Arthur HenKirk Douglas
CameoBurt Lancaster
CameoRobert Mitchum
CameoFrank Sinatra
Anthony GethrynGeorge C. Scott
Marquis of GleneyreClive Brook
Mrs. KaroudjianGladys Cooper
Sir Wilfrid LucasHerbert Marshall
Max KaroudjianMarcel Dalio
Insp. PikeBernard Archard
Derek BruttenholmTony Huston
GypsyDave Willock
Lord AshtonJohn Huston
Various VoicesPaul Frees
The Whistling Man/The Clergyman/The Workman/The ShJan Merlin
Produced by Edward Lewis
Music composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Edited by Terry O. Morse
Running time: 98 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English