Sergeant York 1941

Gary Cooper as Sergeant Alvin York, a Tennessee hillbilly with pacifist convictions, who is drafted during World War I and becomes America's greatest hero of the conflict, destroying or capturing an entire German battalion single-handed.

Books with substantial mentioning of Sergeant York
Joel Finler
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New York City, 1985

Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein and John Griggs
The Films of World War II
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1973

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Sergeant York
United States 1941

Directed by

Stanley Ridges
Margaret Wycherly
Clem Bevans
Howard Da Silva
Charles Trowbridge
Harvey Stephens
Pat Flaherty
Erville Alderson
William 'Bill' Phillips
Joseph W. Girard
Walter Sande
Rita La Roy
Lee 'Lasses' White
Frank Wilcox
Frank Orth
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Jack Mower
Mickey Rentschler
Dick Simmons
William Forrest
Frank Faylen
Russell Hicks
Edwin Stanley
Victor Kilian
Rolf Lindau
Murray Alper
Patrick McVey
George Irving
Sonny Bupp
Sammy McKim
John Dilson
Donald Douglas
Tom Wilson
Selmer Jackson
Si Jenks
Jack Pennick
Harry Strang
Eddy Waller
Guy Wilkerson
Douglas Wood
Charles Drake


Running time:134 minutes
Country:United States

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