Seven Days' Leave 1930

There is no boy and girl romance in "Seven Days' Leave," no vamps and no clinches. There is a singularly beautiful romance in the true meaning of the word a love story that touches the heart.

A lonely little charwoman, whom the frowsy women ostracize because she has no son at war, invents one through blind patriotism and a desire to "belong." The boy unexpectedly materializes. The original play, "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals," has not been butchered into a routine flicker, and no one tries to sell a theme song. Barrie's human characters are retained. Beryl Mercer, great character actress, is superb in the role she created in the theater. Gary Cooper's characterization of the boy is a signal achievement for him in a new field. All Talkie.

Photoplay February 1930

Books with substantial mentioning of Seven Days' Leave
Homer Dickens
The Films of Gary Cooper
Secaucus, NJ, 1970

Seven Days' Leave
United States 1930

Directed by
Richard Wallace

Beryl Mercer
Nora Cecil
Arthur Hoyt
Basil Radford
Mary Gordon


Running time:80 minutes
Country:United States

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