Love Me or Leave Me 1955

Cast and credits
Directed by Charles Vidor
Screenplay by Daniel Fuchs
Isobel Lennart
Story by Daniel Fuchs
Ruth EttingDoris Day
Martin SnyderJames Cagney
Johnny AldermanCameron Mitchell
Bernard V. LoomisRobert Keith
FrobisherTom Tully
GeorgieHarry Bellaver
Philo McCullough
Movie Dance DirectorDick Simmons
Franklyn Farnum
Film ProducerJoe Pasternak
Dance Hall HostessVeda Ann Borg
BouncerOtto Reichow
BouncerHenry Kulky
OrryJay Adler
Assistant DirectorJames Drury
Director of photography Arthur E. Arling
Produced by Joe Pasternak
Costume Designer Helen Rose
Edited by Ralph E. Winters
Running time: 122 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English