Hitler's Madman 1943

1942: Reinhardt Heydrich, known as 'Hitler's hangman', is the most hated man in Czechoslovakia. The people he rules refuse to consider rebellion, until a priest is murdered by Nazis.

Books with substantial mentioning of Hitler's Madman
Tom Weaver, Biography by Gregory William Mank
John Carradine: The Films
Jefferson, NC, 1999

Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein and John Griggs
The Films of World War II
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1973

Hitler's Madman
United States 1943

Directed by

Howard Freeman
Jimmy Conlin
Richard Ryen
Louis V. Arco
Ernst Hausman
Frances Rafferty
Richard Nichols
Hans Schumm
Jim Farley
Victor Kilian
Otto Reichow
Adolf E. Licho
Gary Gray
John Merton
Emmett Lynn


Running time:84 minutes
Country:United States

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