Angels with Dirty Faces 1938

James Cagney, Pat O'Brien - Angels with Dirty Faces

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Angels with Dirty Faces
United States 1938

Directed by

Billy Halop
Bernard Punsly
Gabriel Dell
Frankie Burke
William Tracy
Marilyn Knowlden
Joe Downing
Adrian Morris
Oscar O'Shea
Edward Pawley
William Pawley
John Hamilton
William Worthington
Wilbur Mack
Alexander Lockwood
Jack Perrin
David Durand
Sonny Bupp
Wilfred Lucas
Charles Trowbridge
Charles Sullivan
Al Hill
Jim Farley
Ben Hendricks Jr.
John Dilson
Jack Mower
Spec O'Donnell
Charles C. Wilson
Dick Wessel
Ralph Sanford
Lee Phelps
George Offerman Jr.
Robert Homans
Harry Hayden
Mary Gordon
Emory Parnell
Thomas E. Jackson
John Harron
Sidney Bracey
Steve Darrell
Belle Mitchell


Running time:97 minutes
Country:United States

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