Sleeping Car to Trieste 1948

Zurta, a continental adventurer, and Valya, his beautiful companion, board the Orient Express as it leaves Paris. They are tracking Poole, their accomplice in the theft of a diary containing political secrets. Poole has double-crossed them and stolen it. Others soon become involved in the web of intrigue that weaves its way along the corridors of the train: George Grant, a married man travelling with his mistress, who finds his anonymity threatened; a pompous author, MacBain, and his browbeaten secretary; not to mention Monsieur Jolif of the Paris police.

Sleeping Car to Trieste
United Kingdom 1948

Directed by
John Paddy Carstairs

Derrick De Marney
Paul Dupuis
Rona Anderson
Grégoire Aslan
Hugh Burden
Eugene Deckers
Gerard Heinz
Michael Balfour
Robert Rietty


Country:United Kingdom

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