My Brother's Keeper 1948

Jane Hylton, Bill Owen, Beatrice Varley - My Brother's Keeper
Jack Warner, George Cole - My Brother's Keeper
Jack Warner - My Brother's Keeper
Books with substantial mentioning of My Brother's Keeper
Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell
Encyclopedia of Film Noir
Westport, Connecticut/London, 2007

Robert W. Pohle Jr. and Douglas C. Hart, with the participation of Christopher Lee
The Films of Christopher Lee
Metuchen, N.J. & London, 1983

My Brother's Keeper
United Kingdom 1948

Directed by
Alfred Roome

George Cole
Bill Owen
Raymond Lovell
Beatrice Varley
John Boxer
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Valentine Dyall
Jack Raine
Grace Denbigh Russell
Cyril Chamberlain
Reginald Beckwith
Beckett Bould
Michael Brennan
Lyn Evans


Country:United Kingdom

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