The Lone Wolf's Daughter 1929

If you like crook pictures and if you like Bert Lytell, you'll find much to admire in "The Lone Wolf's Daughter," Columbia's new crook picture with Bert again as the lone wolf. You will be reminded of William Haines in "Alias Jimmy Valentine" when you see the lone wolf slipping gracefully and easily out of every trap that is set for him. The picture is good comedy, well directed.

Photoplay May 1929

Books with an entry on The Lone Wolf's Daughter
Larry Langman and Daniel Finn
A Guide to American Crime Films of the Thirties
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1995

The Lone Wolf's Daughter
United States 1929

Directed by
Albert S. Rogell



Running time:72 minutes
Country:United States

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