The Kennel Murder Case
Overview  |  Cast and credits
Cast and credits
Running time:73 minutes
Country:United States
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Screenplay by Robert N. Lee
Peter Milne
Philo VanceWilliam Powell
Hilda LakeMary Astor
Detective HeathEugene Pallette
Raymond Wrede - the SecretaryRalph Morgan
District Attorney MarkhamRobert McWade
Archer CoeRobert Barrat
Brisbane CoeFrank Conroy
Dr. DoremusEtienne Girardot
Sir Thomas MacDonaldPaul Cavanagh
Gamble - the ButlerArthur Hohl
Doris DelafieldHelen Vinson
Eduardo GrassiJack La Rue
ReporterMilton Kibbee
Railroad Station Baggage ClerkPaul Panzer
First Reporter at Police StationGeorge Chandler
Chicago Hotel ClerkLeo White
Dubois - Police Fingerprint ManHenry O'Neill
Police Desk Sergeant MellishWade Boteler
Police Sergeant SnitkinSpencer Charters
Policeman Who Lets Philos Dog OutJames Burke
Det. HennessyCharles C. Wilson