Queen of the Night Clubs 1929

Warner Brothers made this to exploit Texas Guinan, the big blonde who is the self-elected and publicity-made head girl of New York's night club hfe. A trite story of skullduggery in cabaret land gives her a chance to lead the silly revels with her bass voice, and to give all the little girls big and audible hands. Tex does what she has to do, but three stunning performances are turned in, in this all talkie, by Eddie Foy, Jr., Jack Norworth and Lila Lee. A stirring comeback for Lila. A film as phoney as the life it portrays.

Photoplay June 1929

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Larry Langman and Daniel Finn
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Westport, Connecticut - London, 1995

Queen of the Night Clubs
United States 1929

Directed by
Bryan Foy

John Davidson
Eddie Foy Jr.
William B. Davidson
Agnes Franey


Running time:60 minutes
Country:United States

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