Tyrone Power, Jane Darwell, Brian Donlevy, Henry Fonda - Jesse James
Books with substantial mentioning of Jesse James
Tom Weaver, Biography by Gregory William Mank
John Carradine: The Films
Jefferson, NC, 1999

Tony Thomas
The Complete Films of Henry Fonda
Secaucus, NJ, 1983

Dennis Belafonte with Alvin H. Marill
The Films of Tyrone Power
Secaucus, NJ, 1979

Jesse James
United States 1939

Directed by

Nancy Kelly
J. Edward Bromberg
Donald Meek
Johnny Russell
Willard Robertson
Harold Goodwin
Eddy Waller
Paul E. Burns
Charles Halton
Harry Tyler
Erville Alderson
George P. Breakston
Donald Douglas
I. Stanford Jolley
Leonard Kibrick
Sidney Kibrick
Tom London


Running time:106 minutes
Country:United States

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