Cast and credits
Directed by Wilhelm Dieterle
Screenplay by John Howard Lawson
Clifford Odets
NormaMadeleine Carroll
MarcoHenry Fonda
LuisLeo Carrillo
Andre GallinetJohn Halliday
Basil, Normas FatherVladimir Sokoloff
General VallejoRobert Warwick
Edward GrantReginald Denny
Roderigo - Cafe MagicianPeter Godfrey
CommandantWilliam B. Davidson
PietroFred Kohler
Palm ReaderLupita Tovar
TownswomanRicca Allen
Cantina PatronChris-Pin Martin
TownsmanPhilip Sleeman
Resistance FighterAlberto Morin
Minor RoleAl Ernest Garcia
News CorrespondentCarl Stockdale
Train ConductorEdward Brady
Belle Mitchell
Director of photography Rudolph Maté
Produced by Walter Wanger
Edited by Dorothy Spencer
Otho Lovering
Running time: 85 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English