Roadhouse Nights 1930

Chicago gangland and its merry running of the rum form the basis of what turns out to be a perfect pippin of a melodrama, written by Ben Hecht and produced on the murky shores of Long Island Sound.

Two scorching hits are scored by men. Charles Ruggles crashes through again as the pi-eyed reporter who runs down the rum-runners, and a New York night club pet, Jimmy Durante, is immense in the roadhouse sequence.

Helen Morgan sings, and Fred Kohler is a grand king of the liquor smugglers. We think you will like this punchful melange of melodrama and button-busting comedy. Score another smash for Hobart Henley, director, whose last excellent job was "The Lady Lies." Paramount has a polished jewel in Henley. And watch this Durante! All Talkie.

Photoplay March 1930

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Larry Langman and Daniel Finn
A Guide to American Crime Films of the Thirties
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1995

Roadhouse Nights
United States 1930

Directed by

Tammany Young
Lou Clayton
Eddie Jackson
Hal K. Dawson


Running time:68 minutes
Country:United States

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