The Woman Racket 1930

It would be grand if we could say that Blanche Sweet returns in a blaze of glory, but truth must out. "The Woman Racket" is poor, and there have been so many night clubs that they are about as unexciting as your ice cream parlor around the corner. Blanche is effective in a dramatic scene, and her singing voice is charming. Tom Moore is the "cop" husband of the club hostess.

Photoplay March 1930

Books with an entry on The Woman Racket
Larry Langman and Daniel Finn
A Guide to American Crime Films of the Thirties
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1995

The Woman Racket
United States 1930

Directed by
Albert H. Kelley
Robert Ober

Lew Kelly
Tom London
Jack Byron
Wilbur Mack


Running time:70 minutes
Country:United States

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