The Terror 1928

Another all-talkie Vitaphone drama. Instead of subtitles, the scenes are announced vocally, and every incident requiring explanation is elucidated by dialogue. Joe
Jackson's clever titles are effective.

Every sound is synchronized, which, unquestionably, adds a lot to the eerie action and thrilling climaxes. You'll get a real cinematic chill.

The story deals with the capture of "The Terror," a criminal who continues to perpetrate his fiendish deeds without detection.

No wonder. You'll never guess his identity. Suspense is splendidly sustained until the finish of the picture.

The capable all-star cast includes May McAvoy, Louise Fazenda, Edward Everett Horton, Holmes Herbert and others. The story is full of mystifying situations which thrill you to your finger tips.

Photoplay October 1928

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The Terror
United States 1928

Directed by

Joseph W. Girard


Running time:85 minutes
Country:United States

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