Bringing Up Baby 1938

Cast and credits
Directed by Howard Hawks
Screenplay by Dudley Nichols
SusanKatharine Hepburn
DavidCary Grant
Major ApplegateCharles Ruggles
SlocumWalter Catlett
Mr. GogartyBarry Fitzgerald
Aunt ElizabethMay Robson
Dr. LehmanFritz Feld
Mrs. GogartyLeona Roberts
Mr. PeabodyGeorge Irving
Mrs. LehmanTala Birell
Davids CaddyWilliam 'Billy' Benedict
Minor RoleFrances Gifford
Circus RoustaboutJack Carson
Minor RoleJean Stevens
Minor RoleLorraine Krueger
Zoo OfficialEdward Gargan
Circus ManagerRichard Lane
Joe - BartenderBilly Bevan
Motorcycle Cop at JailWard Bond
DeputyPat O'Malley
Ernest Cossart
Minor RolePaul Guilfoyle
ButcherBilly Franey
Circus BarkerFrank M. Thomas
Dickie Moore
Minor RoleJack Stoney
Director of photography Russell Metty
Produced by Howard Hawks
Edited by George Hively
Country: United States
Language: English