The Awful Truth 1937

Cast and credits
Directed by Leo McCarey
Lucy WarrinerIrene Dunne
Jerry WarrinerCary Grant
Daniel LeesonRalph Bellamy
Armand DuvalleAlexander D'Arcy
Aunt PatsyCecil Cunningham
Barbara VanceMolly Lamont
Mrs. LeesonEsther Dale
Dixie Belle LeeJoyce Compton
Frank RandallRobert Allen
Mr. VanceRobert Warwick
Mrs. VanceMary Forbes
Vances ButlerDell Henderson
JudgePaul Stanton
Viola HeathBess Flowers
Lord FabianClaud Allister
Motor CopAl Bridge
Motor CopEdgar Dearing
Lucys Attorneys WifeSarah Edwards
Produced by Leo McCarey
Running time: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: October 21, 1937
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Distributor: Columbia Pictures