Dante's Inferno 1924

Lawson Butt, Howard Gaye - Dante's Inferno

Miserly millionaire Mortimer Judd makes a fortune as a slum landlord. When he ignores an appeal for financial aid from his friend Eugene Craig, Craig sends Judd a copy of Dante's Inferno. Judd reads the book and dozes off dreaming he is on tour of Dante's Hell, where a place is reserved for him. He awakens with a start and promises to mend his ways and redress past wrongs. 1

Books with substantial mentioning of Dante's Inferno
Robert K. Klepper
Silent Films, 1877-1996, A Critical Guide to 646 Movies
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 1999

Dante's Inferno
United States 1924

Directed by
Henry Otto

Lawson Butt
Noble M. Johnson
Lon Poff


Country:United States
Language:Silent film

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