Ramon Novarro, Julia Swayne Gordon, Lewis Stone, Alice Terry - Scaramouche
Books with substantial mentioning of Scaramouche
Robert K. Klepper
Silent Films, 1877-1996, A Critical Guide to 646 Movies
Jefferson, North Carolina and London, 1999

Stanley Hochman (editor)
From Quasimodo to Scarlett O'Hara, A National Board of Review Anthology 1920 - 1940
New York, 1982

United States 1923

Directed by

Lloyd Ingraham
Julia Swayne Gordon
Otto Matieson
George Siegmann
James A. Marcus
Rose Dione
Marjorie Reynolds
Nelson McDowell
J. Edwin Brown
Louise Carver
Kalla Pasha
Snitz Edwards


Running time:124 minutes
Country:United States

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