The Clock 1945

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New York, 2008

Stephen Harvey
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
New York, 1989
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The Clock
United States 1945

Directed by

Marshall Thompson
Ralph Brooke
Dick Elliott
Nella Walker
Paul Newlan
Franklyn Farnum
Jack Mower
Peter Miles
Eddy Chandler
Howard M. Mitchell
William Bailey
Roger Edens
Nan Leslie
Wally Cassell
Charles Bates
Georgie Nokes
William 'Bill' Phillips
Gary Gray
Teddy Infuhr
Eddie Acuff
Arthur Space
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Paul E. Burns
Chester Clute
Frank Darien
Sarah Edwards
Robert Homans
Milton Kibbee
Lee Phelps
Gertrude Hoffman


Running time:90 minutes
Country:United States

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