George White's 1935 Scandals 1935

Following a holiday in Florida, showman George White stops off in Georgia when he sees a show advertised as 'White's Scandals'. He calms down when he discovers it's put on by a two-bit operator. And George is so impressed by the star of the show, Honey Walters, that he offers her a spot in his next Broadway production.

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George White's 1935 Scandals
United States 1935

Directed by
Harry Lachman
George White
James Tinling

Emma Dunn
George White
Charles Richman
Roger Imhof
Thomas E. Jackson
Jed Prouty
Carol Hughes
Ben Hall
Jack Raymond
Paul McVey
Florine Dickson
Si Jenks
George King
Tom Ricketts
Anne Nagel
Harrison Greene
Jack Irwin


Running time:84 minutes
Country:United States

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