Brown of Harvard 1926

William Haines, Mary Brian, Jack Pickford - Brown of Harvard

Harvard University student Tom Brown (William Haines) is a handsome, athletic, and carefree young man who has a reputation as a Don Juan among the ladies. Although he is popular on campus, he finds himself at odds with Bob McAndrew (Ralph Bushman), a studious, reserved boy who becomes his chief rival for the affections of beautiful Mary Abbott (Mary Brian), a professor's daughter. Tom rooms with Jim Doolittle (Jack Pickford), an awkward weakling but goodhearted backwoods youth who idolizes him. The brash and cocky Brown easily wins over his dormitory mates, but refuses to let them ostracize Jim.

One night at a party, Tom forcibly kisses Mary, which initiates a fight with Bob. Afterwards, Tom challenges Bob to a rowing competition; Bob is stroker on the college rowing team. Tom ends up losing. When he forces a confession of love from Mary, he begins to drink in shame. When he replaces Bob in a match against Yale, Tom collapses and is disgraced. He is persuaded by his father to go out for football.

To save his friend's reputation, the sickly Jim goes out and takes his place in the rain and is soon hospitalized. Tom plays in the game against Yale and at a crucial point gives Bob a chance to score for the team. After the game, Tom goes to the hospital to tell Jim of the victory, but Jim dies shortly afterward. Tom is acclaimed a school hero and is happily united with Mary.

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Brown of Harvard
United States 1926

Directed by

Doris Lloyd


Running time:85 minutes
Country:United States

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