Brown of Harvard 1926

Cast and credits
Directed by Jack Conway
Screenplay by A.P. Younger
Joseph Farnham
Tom BrownWilliam Haines
Jim DoolittleJack Pickford
Mary AbbottMary Brian
Bob McAndrewRalph Bushman
Mrs. BrownMary Alden
Mr. BrownDavid Torrence
Professor AbbottEdward Connelly
Hal WaltersGuinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Reggie SmytheDonald Reed
Harvard Student/Yale Cheering Section/Harvard SpecRobert Livingston
One of the DickeysGrady Sutton
Doris Lloyd
Yale Football PlayerJohn Wayne
Produced by Harry Rapf
Irving Thalberg
Running time: 85 minutes
Country: United States