Where East Is East 1929

Gather round, folks, for another Chaney bedtime story something with a touch of Kipling and Poe. A very bad woman, the half-caste wife of a wild animal trapper, deserts her husband only to return later to steal the affections of the boy who loves her own daughter. Not nice at all, this woman, but Estelle Taylor plays her to perfection. Chaney is excellent and Lupe Velez lends fiery aid.

Photoplay June 1929

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Author:Stefan Brand
Title:White Bo(d)y in Wonderland, Cultural alterity and sexual desire in Where East Is East
in:Bernd Herzogenrath (ed), The Films of Tod Browning, London, 2006
Illustrations:  yes
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Where East Is East
United States 1929

Directed by

Louis Stern
Willie Fung
Chris-Pin Martin
Mademoiselle Kithnou


Running time:65 minutes
Country:United States

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