Show Boat 1929

When you say that Universal's version of Edna Ferber's episodic and sentimental novel is a lavish production, you say nearly everj'thing possible about it. The weakness of the film "Show Boat" lies in the obvious direction of Harry Pollard.

Miss Ferber wrote a colorful novel that swept from a Mississippi river show boat to Chicago in the days of the world's Fair and on to New York. It had verve, spirit and fine atmospheric detail. Some of this comes through to the screen.

Laura La Plante is the best of the cast as Magnolia but Joseph Schildkraut overacts the role of Gaylord Ravcnal. So does Emily Fitzroy in the role of Parthenia Ann Hawks, who rules her show boat with an iron hand.

Photoplay June 1929

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Show Boat
United States 1929

Directed by

Emily Fitzroy
Jane La La Verne
Theodore Lorch
Tess Gardella
Jules Bledsoe
George Chesebro


Country:United States

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