The Wedding March 1928

Zasu Pitts, Erich von Stroheim - The Wedding March

Years of work and millions of dollars wasted on a story that, in its present form, was hardly worth telling. The beauty of many of the scenes is nullified by a pig-sty atmosphere. The Corpus Christi procession to St. Stephan's, with Franz Josef in all his mediaeval glory, is beautifully presented. But there are other scenes that will repel audiences. Von Stroheim is awkward, but Fay Wray's work is her best yet.

Photoplay November 1928

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The Wedding March
United States 1928

Directed by

George Nichols
Dale Fuller
Hughie Mack
Sidney Bracey
Anton Vaverka
Hans Joby
Archduke Leopold of Austria
Ernestine Schumann-Heink
Wilhelm von Brincken
Arthur Lubin


Running time:113 minutes
Country:United States

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