To Kill a Mockingbird 1962

Cast and credits
Directed by Robert Mulligan
Screenplay by Horton Foote
Atticus FinchGregory Peck
ScoutMary Badham
JemPhillip Alford
Boo RadleyRobert Duvall
Tom RobinsonBrock Peters
Aunt Stephanie CrawfordAlice Ghostley
Judge TaylorPaul Fix
William Windom
Reverend SykesBill Walker
Spence Robinson - Toms FatherJester Hairston
Jury ForemanGuy Wilkerson
Eddie Baker
Scout as an Adult - NarratorKim Stanley
Charles Morton
Director of photography Russell Harlan
Produced by Gregory Peck
Robert Mulligan
Alan J. Pakula
Music composed by Elmer Bernstein
Running time: 129 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English