The Toast of New Orleans
Overview  |  Cast and credits
Cast and credits
Running time:97 minutes
Country:United States
Directed by Norman Taurog
Screenplay by Sy Gomberg
George Wells
Suzette MichelineKathryn Grayson
Pepe Abellard DuvalleMario Lanza
Jacques RiboudeauxDavid Niven
Nicky DuvalleJ. Carrol Naish
PierreJames Mitchell
OscarClinton Sundberg
MayorSiegfried Arno
TinaRita Moreno
Emile, the Gentlemans TailorFred Essler
John Piffle
NarratorPaul Frees
FishermanHenry Corden
Albert, HeadwaiterAlex Gerry
Minor RoleMitchell Lewis
Minor RolePaul Bryar
Angelique, Suzettes MaidMarietta Canty
Mr. ONeillWallis Clark
Opera Board MemberRobert Emmett Keane
Dominiques Orchestra LeaderLeon Belasco
The Mayors StoogeGeorge Davis
Diner at DominiquesBess Flowers
Produced by Joe Pasternak