The Heart of the Matter 1953

Finely scripted, adult screen adoption of Graham Greene's novel about mental conflict and moral degeneration in Sierra Leone, with Trevor Howard giving a magnificent performance as Scobie, the local Deputy Commissioner of Police whose heart and conscience combine to bring about his downfall when, trying not to hurt either his wife or the mistress he has come to adore, his only solution to his many difficulties appears to be suicide which for him, a devout Catholic, is the greatest sin of all. Another wonderful performance comes from Maria Schell as the girl. 1

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George M. Wilson
Seeing fictions in film, The epistemology of movies
Oxford; New York, 2011

The Heart of the Matter
United Kingdom 1953

Directed by
George More O'Ferrall

Gerard Oury
Michael Hordern
Jack Allen
Earl Cameron


Running time:105 minutes
Country:United Kingdom

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