Ship Ahoy 1942

1942. On a ship bound for Puerto Rico, a hypochondriac fiction-writer's hopeful romance hits a sizeable snag when he becomes convinced that the girl is a spy for a foreign country.

Books with an entry on Ship Ahoy
Larry Langman & David Ebner
Encyclopedia of American Spy Films
New York & London, 1990

Ship Ahoy
United States 1942

Directed by
Edward Buzzell

John Emery
Bernard Nedell
Julian Rivero
Addison Richards
Otto Reichow
Mary Currier
Nestor Paiva
Russell Hicks
William Tannen
Bobby Larson
Mary Treen
Philip Ahn
Ralph Dunn
Hillary Brooke
John Dilson
Harry Depp
Jay Eaton
John Raitt
Carol Hughes


Running time:95 minutes
Country:United States

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