Kiss Me, Deadly 1955

Driving along a lonely road at night near Los Angeles, private eye Mike Hammer is flagged down by a barefoot girl wearing only a trenchcoat. She tells him her name, Christina. but nothing about what she is obviously running away from.

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Articles on Kiss Me, Deadly
Simon Braund, Kiss Me Deadly, Misogyny, torture, Armageddon - is this the grimmest film noir ever made?, in: Empire, nr. 245 (November), 2009 pp. 176-177
Author:Simon Braund
Title:Kiss Me Deadly, Misogyny, torture, Armageddon - is this the grimmest film noir ever made?
Illustrations:  yes
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Kiss Me, Deadly
United States 1955

Directed by

Juano Hernandez
Fortunio Bonanova
James McCallion
Robert Cornthwaite
Percy Helton
Silvio Minciotti
John Fiedler
Leonard Mudie
Charles Lane
Nat 'King' Cole
Bing Russell


Country:United States

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