Cast and credits
Directed by Tod Browning
Screenplay by Willis Goldbeck
PhrosoWallace Ford
VenusLeila Hyams
CleopatraOlga Baclanova
RoscoeRoscoe Ates
HerculesHenry Victor
HansHarry Earles
Madame TetralliniRose Dione
Siamese TwinDaisy Hilton
Siamese TwinViolet Hilton
The Living Torso Prince Randian
Rollo BrotherEdward Brophy
Rollo BrotherMatt McHugh
Hans ButlerSidney Bracey
GiantJohn Aasen
LandownerAlbert Conti
Mr. RogersDemetrius Alexis
Produced by Irving Thalberg
Harry Rapf
Tod Browning
Running time: 64 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: February 20, 1932 1
Distributor: MGM