Tippi Hedren - The Birds

Melanie Daniels buys Mitch Brenner a pair of caged lovebirds, little knowing that she is heading into a nightmare in which, for no apparent reason, birds start to attack human beings.

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Author:Evan Hunter
Title:Me and Hitch
Magazine:Sight & Sound
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: The Birds (1963)
Author:Adam Smith
Title:The Birds
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: The Birds (1963)
Author:Patrick O'Donnell
Title:James's Birdcage/Hitchcock's Birds
in:Susan M. Griffin and Alan Nadel (eds.), The Men Who Knew Too Much, New York, 2012
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: The Birds (1963)

The Birds
United States 1963

Directed by

Rod Taylor
Tippi Hedren
Veronica Cartwright
Doodles Weaver
Malcolm Atterbury
Karl Swenson
Richard Deacon
Jeannie Russell
Dal McKennon


Running time:119 minutes
Country:United States

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