Strangers on a Train 1951

Cast and credits
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Screenplay by Raymond Chandler
Guy HainesFarley Granger
Anne MortonRuth Roman
Bruno AntonyRobert Walker
Sen. MortonLeo G. Carroll
Mrs. AntonyMarion Lorne
Mr. AntonyJonathan Hale
Police Capt. TurleyHoward St. John
Bystander at Merry-Go-RoundPaul Panzer
BoatmanMurray Alper
Miriams BoyfriendTommy Farrell
Party GuestFranklyn Farnum
Man Boarding Train Carrying a Double BassAlfred Hitchcock
Lt. CampbellEdward Hearn
Carnival Game ProprietorAl Hill
Tennis JudgeAl Bridge
Party GuestHerbert Evans
Det. HammondJohn Doucette
Tennis Match SpectatorBarry Norton
Judge DonahueCharles Meredith
Madame DarvilleOdette Myrtil
BillDick Wessel
Train Passenger Requesting LightSam Flint
Bystander at DrainRobert Williams
Director of photography Robert Burks
Produced by Alfred Hitchcock
Music composed by Dimitri Tiomkin
Country: United States
Language: English