Saboteur 1942

Books with substantial mentioning of Saboteur
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Books with an entry on Saboteur
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United States 1942

Directed by

Alan Baxter
Clem Bevans
Alma Kruger
Ian Wolfe
Murray Alper
Pedro de Cordoba
Will Wright
Lee Phelps
Emory Parnell
Belle Mitchell
Charles Halton
Paul Everton
John Eldredge
Claire Whitney
Kermit Maynard
Alexander Lockwood
Hans Conried
Torin Thatcher
Oliver Blake
Rex Lease
Hardie Albright
Vinton Hayworth
William Gould
Pat Flaherty
Cyril Ring
Matt Willis
Harry Strang
George Offerman Jr.
Milton Kibbee
Selmer Jackson
Ralph Dunn
Paul E. Burns


Running time:109 minutes
Country:United States

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