Saboteur 1942

Cast and credits
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Story by Alfred Hitchcock
PatPriscilla Lane
BarryRobert Cummings
TobinOtto Kruger
FreemanAlan Baxter
NeilsonClem Bevans
FryNorman Lloyd
Mrs. SuttonAlma Kruger
Mrs. MasonDorothy Peterson
RobertIan Wolfe
Truck DriverMurray Alper
Bones - Circus TroupePedro de Cordoba
Society WomanRuth Peterson
J.C. Lormans - Company OfficialWill Wright
Belle Mitchell
Henry - Husband in MovieEmory Parnell
Wife in Movie AudienceClaire Whitney
Second SheriffCharles Halton
Party GuestPaul Everton
FootmanJohn Eldredge
Veda Ann Borg
ManTorin Thatcher
CowhandKermit Maynard
MarineAlexander Lockwood
EdwardHans Conried
Deputy Sheriff-DriverOliver Blake
Marine MP SergeantAl Bridge
Stranger on SidewalkWilliam Gould
Will - Other Man in MovieVinton Hayworth
DetectiveHardie Albright
Man in Front of NY DrugstoreAlfred Hitchcock
Plant Cafeteria WorkerRex Lease
PasserbyRobert Mitchum
Motorcycle CopJames Flavin
George - Elevator OperatorPat Flaherty
Party GuestCyril Ring
FarmerPaul E. Burns
FBI Agent at Masons HouseRalph Dunn
FBI ChiefSelmer Jackson
Man Killed in Movie TheaterMilton Kibbee
Plant WorkerGeorge Offerman Jr.
Plant Security OfficerLee Phelps
Motorcycle Highway PatrolmanHarry Strang
First SheriffMatt Willis
Produced by Frank Lloyd
Music composed by Frank Skinner
Running time: 109 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English