Young and Innocent 1937

Cast and credits
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Screenplay by Charles Bennett
Erica BurgoyneNova Pilbeam
Robert TisdallDerrick De Marney
Col. BurgoynePercy Marmont
Ericas AuntMary Clare
Det. Insp. KentJohn Longden
GuyGeorge Curzon
Ericas UncleBasil Radford
ChristinePamela Carme
Petrol Pump AttendantFrank Atkinson
Bathing GirlPeggy Simpson
BoyPat Fitzpatrick
Burgoyne BoyClive Baxter
Bit PartAlbert Chevalier
Manager of Toms Hat CafeBill Shine
Accused Mans Wife in First Court CaseBeatrice Varley
Bit PartHumberston Wright
Nobbys Lodging House CaretakerTorin Thatcher
PolicemanSyd Crossley
Photographer Outside CourthouseAlfred Hitchcock
Produced by Edward Black
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English