Local Hero 1983

Oil billionaire Happer sends Mac to a remote Scotish villiage to secure the property rights for an oil refinery they want to build. Mac teams up with Danny and starts the negotiations, the locals are keen to get their hands on the 'Silver Dollar' and can't believe their luck. However a local hermit and beach scavenger, Ben Knox, lives in a shack on the crucial beach which he also owns. Happer is more interested in the Northern Lights and Danny in a surreal girl with webbed feet, Marina. Mac is used to a Houston office with fax machines but is forced to negotiate on Bens terms.

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John Calhoun, Local Hero, in: Films in Review, vol. 34, 1983 pp. 242
Author:John Calhoun
Title:Local Hero
Magazine:Films in Review
Illustrations:  no
Review of:   Local Hero (1983)

Local Hero
United Kingdom 1983

Directed by

Peter Riegert
Jenny Seagrove


Running time:111 minutes
Country:United Kingdom

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