What's Up, Doc? 1972

Judy, a singleminded genius who has thrust herself on the bespectacled Howard for no apparent reason, carries a nightgown and an encyclopedia in her case. In Howard's there's a collection of rocks with which he hopes to demonstrate a 'primitive music' theory and win a $20,000 prize. Other cases in this case belong to Mrs Van Hoskins (hers contains a fortune in jewels) and Mr Smith (his contains secret government papers). Mr Smith, by the way, is being shadowed by Mr Jones. Harry, the croocked detective at the hotel where they (and Howard's fiancée Eunice) are all staying, is out to steal the diamonds, Mr Jones of course, is out to steal the secret papers. Nobody particularly wants Howard's rocks or Judy's book. But they are going to get them anyway.

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Secaucus, NJ, 1999

What's Up, Doc?
United States 1972

Directed by

Michael Murphy
Sorrell Booke
Graham Jarvis
M. Emmet Walsh
John Byner


Running time:94 minutes
Country:United States

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