Ettore Fieramosca 1938

Two French knights contemptuously discuss the fate of the Duchy of Monreale; they view the Italians and their culture as inferior. By way of background to their conversation, the populace is being forcibly evacuated from the countryside as a result of the French defeat of the Italians. A counter-insurgency begins under the brash Ettore Fieramosca, who is twice wounded in skirmishes with the French. Fieramosca is motivated by love of his country and of Giovanna, Duchess of Monreale, who is betrothed to another. Both of his devotions give him the strength to be succesful when he challenges the French to a combat by tournament that will pit 13 French knights against an equal number of Italian knights. In the tournament, Fieramosca battles Guy de la Motte, the leader of the French forces, and defeats him. 1

Film programs

Ettore Fieramosca
Italy 1938

Directed by
Alessandro Blasetti

Clara Calamai
Andrea Checchi
Paolo Ferrari
Arnoldo Fo



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