Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin - Shane
Alan Ladd, Brandon De Wilde - Shane
Alan Ladd, Van Heflin - Shane

Western about a mysterious gunfighter (Alan Ladd) who rides into a Wyoming valley and helps the homesteaders in their fight against the cattlemen.

Long, leisurely—though sparked with moments of fierce, violent action—Techni­colored Western in the modern classical tradition. About a mysterious stranger who arrives on the Starrett homestead and becomes involved with them in the defence of their claim against the efforts of the local cattle king to drive them out of the country. Revealed as a gun­fighter, Shane eventually buckles on his six-shooters once more, shoots a solution into the problem and, a little sadly, drifts on. . Superb backgrounds, wonderful photography, first-class performances and imaginative direc­tion make this one of the finest Westerns for quite a while. 1

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Author:Ian Nathan
Illustrations:  yes
DVD review of:   Shane (1953)

United States 1953

Directed by

John Dierkes
Paul McVey
Leonard Strong
Janice Carroll
Steve Raines
Clayton Moore
David Ladd
Beverly Washburn


Country:United States

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