The Robe 1953

Both Century-Fox's first lavish, brave and in many ways quite revolutionary, (Technicolored) CinemaScope film, photo­graphed by a special lens which makes it possible to project the film onto a screen of more than double the usual width. A high, wide, handsome and generally pretty discreet adaptation of the famous and patently sincere Lloyd C. Douglas book about the Roman Captain (Richard Burton, a most impressive performance) who was in charge of the Crucifixion of Christ, and who was converted to, and finally died a martyr for the new faith. Vast backgrounds of ancient Rome; some impressive sequences of action. 1

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The Robe
United States 1953

Directed by

Michael Rennie
Torin Thatcher
Guy Prescott
Norbert Schiller
Otto Waldis
Percy Helton
Rosalind Ivan
Hayden Rorke
Francis Pierlot
Jay Novello
Emmett Lynn
Anthony Eustrel


Running time:135 minutes
Country:United States

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