The Big Heat 1953

Told to cease his investigations into the mysterious death of a fellow (but corrupt) cop, policeman Glenn Ford resigns from the force when his wife is killed by the bomb intended for him, and doggedly goes on digging into the dirt of the underworld, eventually with big results. 1

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Author:Alain Silver and Robert Porfirio
Linked author:
Title:Fritz Lang (1890-1976)
in:Robert Porfirio, Alain Silver and James Ursini (eds.), Film noir reader 3, New York, 2002
Illustrations:  yes
Interview with: Fritz Lang

The Big Heat
United States 1953

Directed by

Jocelyn Brando
Jeanette Nolan
Peter Whitney
Adam Williams
Howard Wendell
Carolyn Jones
Harry Lauter
Celia Lovsky
Phil Arnold
John Merton
Paul Maxey


Running time:90 minutes
Country:United States

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