The Crimson Pirate 1952

Nick Cravat, Burt Lancaster, Eva Bartok - The Crimson Pirate
Burt Lancaster, Eva Bartok - The Crimson Pirate

A swashbuckling pirate adventure set in the Caribbean. Buccaneer Captain Vallo sells stolen weapons to the rebel leader 'El Libre' and he decides to double his profit by betraying the rebels to the emissary of the King of Spain. But the Crimson Pirate's plans go awry when he falls under the spell of Consuelo, El Libre's beautiful daughter.

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The Crimson Pirate
United States 1952

Directed by

Nick Cravat
Torin Thatcher
James Hayter
Leslie Bradley
Frank Pettingell
John Chandos
Harry Lane


Running time:105 minutes
Country:United States

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