The Moon Is Blue 1953

Cast and credits
Directed by Otto Preminger
Screenplay by F. Hugh Herbert
Based on a play by F. Hugh Herbert
Donald GreshamWilliam Holden
David SlaterDavid Niven
Patty ONeillMaggie McNamara
Michael ONeillTom Tully
Cynthia SlaterDawn Addams
Television PerformerFortunio Bonanova
Taxi DriverGregory Ratoff
TouristJohanna Matz
Tourist (US version)/Donald Gresham (German versioHardy Krüger
TouristJohannes Heesters
Director of photography Ernest Laszlo
Produced by F. Hugh Herbert
Otto Preminger
Production Design Nicolai Remisoff
Edited by Ronald Sinclair
Running time: 99 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English